Our History

Family-owned and operated since its beginning more than 60 years ago, Teschner Painting is large enough for the most demanding commercial jobs, yet small enough to assure that every detail of your project receives attention.

In 1955, Bob Teschner created Teschner Painting to supplement his income as a Chicago Fire Fighter. For the next 15 years, he worked primarily by himself with the occasional help of another member or two of the fire department. Beginning in 1970, his sons Mike and Tom started spending summers and holidays painting with their father. Both sons continued to work for Teschner Painting through high school and college. Eventually, the business evolved into Teschner & Sons, and with the help of Mike and Tom, has become one of the premier commercial painting companies in Chicagoland.

Over the six decades that Teschner Painting has been in business, we have seen the painting industry change drastically. The vast range of products alone requires constant training not only in application but also in surface preparation, cleanup and safety measures involved in each product. Our craftsmen have the knowledge and expertise to handle all aspects of your project. Teschner Painting takes pride in our safety record and concern for to environmental issues.

Dedicated to providing the best possible finish to any project, Teschner Painting customers can always count on our professionalism to meet your deadlines and provide the best craftsmanship. Architects and Developers know that Teschner Painting will execute even the most intricate of designs. Property Managers can attest that we fulfill regular maintenance schedules. Business Owners appreciate that we work with their schedule to minimize any loss of productivity or profit.

More than a typical painting company, Teschner Painting is a partner that takes pride in being a solution provider. Today, Teschner Painting continues to deliver exceptional rather than expected results, helping our clients rise above the ordinary.